The Foundation devotes much of its work to the relief of poverty and need among current and former Directors and the immediate families of deceased Directors. It's a myth that Directors are wealthy individuals; the profession is precarious, insecure and irregular. As with many professions, older Directors may find it harder to work, or may not have been able to make provision for sickness and old age.


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Many people hide their misfortunes, especially in our competitive world. If you are aware of a director in need of urgent assistance, why not suggest they get in touch with the DCF, or you can even contact us on their behalf. We may be able to help.

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Directors Support Scheme

Help for professional directors and in some circumstances their families.


Guidance for Applicants

Need help? Check out our simple application process here.


We have received a number of heartfelt letters of gratitude for our awards.

The DSS award enabled me to keep my head above water at a critical time when cashflow was very tight. I didn’t expect to receive it as I’d read that competition was fierce, but I thought it was worth a shot and to my great relief and surprise, it worked out for me.