The Craft


Directors should never stop learning, about life or about their craft. 

The DCF has not so far offered courses in either, but now we are planning a series of workshops and seminars around the theme of Swapping Skills, a practical exploration of the contrasting arts of stage and screen direction for the benefit of directors in both areas. 

The Swapping Skills series will be organised in association with our key partners Directors UK and Stage Directors UK, one of the principal aims of the DCF being to ‘celebrate the art of direction in all media’. 

The remit of our DCF Craft Debates will be wider, with higher profile events being more widely publicised, and shared with DUK and SDUK members.


We are already encouraging the young to take an interest in direction via our Workshops scheme, while through Talent Watch we will try to support those we feel might grow into directors one day. We are also involved through SDUK with a mentoring scheme for mid-career theatre directors. Learning the craft of direction is a long term process.

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Swapping Skills

A series of workshops and seminars in which directors from different media investigate each others’ work methods.


The DCF Directors Craft Debates

High profile directors from film, television and theatre talk about their work in a public forum.


The Memory Project

A project to preserve and disseminate the work and thinking of the most influential directors of our time.