The DSS award enabled me to keep my head above water at a critical time when cashflow was very tight. I didn’t expect to recieve it as I’d read that competition was fierce, but I thought it was worth a shot and to my great relief and surprise, it worked out for me.

It may sound a cliche to say that this award really helped me towards my dream, because it really did. I was able to confidently know that basic shelter and travel would be catered for myself and my baby, allowing me to really do my job and focus on our product, creatively and efficiently. Going to the Edinburgh Fringe festival is integral to my career right now and thanks to DSS, I am fully able to launch into the next phase of my journey. 

The award has helped me with day to day living costs post government maternity allowance running out and before I am able to return to work full time. As a freelance producer director it's actually financially very hard to have a baby and remain within the industry.

If the DCF had not given me the gift of that £500 - which, at the time, felt more like £5000 - I would still be walking around under that dark cloud  - questioning my future and my ability to cope with a little man with ASD. The funding allowed for all of the above to happen. Your letter of offer felt like an endorsement as well as much needed news of financial help. 

I cannot thank everyone at the DSS enough for their compassion and good work.

For over 20 years I've committed myself to a freelance life in television and although it brings many pluses including being able to work on many many different productions, it also brings much instability.  So when earlier this year I found myself out of work for a prolonged period of time with all of the usual bills still to pay, the assistance the Directors Charitable Foundation gave me was totally unexpected and a real lifeline.  As a single working mother with sole responsibility of my child, being a freelancer is hard at the best of times, but the 'in between jobs' times can be unbearable.

When I was offered help it felt like the commitment I have made to the industry was recognised and I was helped in my hour of need.  I am so grateful that the award given to me helped me to keep my head above water until I was back in employment.

The DCF is such a wonderful organisation and I have been singing its praises to any of my colleagues who didn't already know all about it - and those who did!

Thank you so much to the Director's Charitable Foundation.

I applied to the DSS in a state of absolute panic when my child's special educational need provision had been cut and I needed to take her case to tribunal. I received such a kind, supportive, speedy response that made a huge difference to my ability to cope with the expense of tribunal fees. I couldn't be more grateful.

When my family and I were served with four weeks notice for eviction, I applied to the DSS for help with the deposit for our next place to live. I wasn't counting on being successful in our application and I certainly didn't think it would be processed in time for the actual move. But I was more than surprised when I heard back within hours that the DSS board thought we deserved help and contributed towards our deposit. The whole process was one email detailing our circumstances which helped a lot in having the awarded money through in time to pay the deposit for us to move within our notice period. If we hadn't had help from DCF, I'm not sure what would have happened but I'm extremely thankful we did.