The DCF believes that critical engagement with the making of theatre, films or TV programmes is a stimulus to young minds that should be available to all, not just the comfortably off. 

Our Directors in Schools workshops are offered free to any state secondary school (or college) with a reasonable proportion of deprived children. They are proving extremely popular with both teachers and children. 

With Talent Watch we will also be developing methods to help the most promising children follow up their drama or media interests, and even offer some simple career advice.

The DCF Directors in Schools scheme is already reaching children in many parts of England and we have plans for extending it to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

This scheme is our contribution to ensuring that British directors of the future will be drawn from the widest possible social spectrum.

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our workshops

Book a free DCF directors workshop in your school or college! Learning can be fun.


School Feedback

We’ve had some raves for our workshops….


Talent Watch

We are developing the means to encourage and mentor promising students.


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Our Volunteers have a fascinating time, doing something really worthwhile.

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