Directors in Schools workshops

Our workshops are free, and are aimed particularly at state schools or colleges with a number of Pupil Premium places, or those in deprived areas. The school, often the drama or media studies teacher, simply gets in touch with the DCF Office and requests a workshop, with a topic and an approximate date. 

Workshops can cover a wide range, from devising drama for the stage to directors’ careers in documentary to shooting a film on a smart phone, and many more. We pay all expenses and DBS costs: safeguarding is very important to us.

We find that our workshops work best at secondary level, for groups of 14 years or over, as there are often questions about Careers, but we have also done some for younger age groups. 

We are pleased to say that DCF workshops seem equally popular with teachers and students. Go to School Feedback for some enthusiastic teachers’ reactions.


How to book

It’s very easy to book a DCF Workshop for your school or college. Just contact the Office with your preferred theme and dates, and we will do our best to suit you.